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Why should I get involved?

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Being part of the MVP is a great way to make a difference to the future of maternity services within your area. It is a really interesting and enjoyable partnership to be a part of and it is a great way to volunteer with others who feel passionately about maternity care and supporting parents.



How can I get involved?

Maternity Voices are always looking for people to help us enhance and improve the maternity care. Families who have accessed maternity care within UHSussex Hospitals (Royal Sussex County, Princess Royal, Worthing and St Richards) and those who work in the community to support birthing people and their families, such as doulas, antenatal practitioners, breastfeeding supporters and pregnancy and baby group leaders, provide a valued insight into ways to improve maternity care. 

We understand that life can be busy and we are happy with as much or as little time or input you are able to give. There is no pressure or expectation of a set time commitment and most people will do this with children/babies in toe!

Whether signposting people to us, occasionally feeding back what you are hearing or regularly attending the quarterly meeting, your input can drive improvements to the care people receive. 

  • You could follow us on social media



  • Become a part of our facebook group. Here you can connect with other parent & community voices, share your thoughts and experiences and keep up to date with what we are doing as an MVP.

  • Let us know what you are hearing, with permission from the people you are speaking to. This might be what you hear at a group you are running, or attending with your baby/toddler, or you might have a chat with a friend or family member. 

  • Spreading the word & championing us - giving out our flyers/cards at baby groups, clinic or to people you know or have spoken too, telling people about our social media pages, asking people to fill out our online feedback survey and championing the work we do.

  • Being involved in specific pathways, co-producing literature and more.

  • Being involved in steering groups or patient experience groups related to maternity care.

  • Attending our Quarterly MVP meetings online – These run for 2 hours, here you can listen and have your own input (children are very welcome).

  • Equally if you have any specific skills that you feel may be useful to the MVP we would love to hear from you - ie photographer/data analysis/social media/website design etc.

If you are interested in being a part of Maternity Voices please complete the below form.​

Your input can make a difference to the experience of birthing people and their families

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